The beauty of macro photography is its ability to show us everyday objects from a new unique perspective, making everything exciting. Like magic, details emerge that we never noticed before, such as tiny imperfections, intricate patterns, and even the ability to count seeds on a dandelion head individually.

For my macro series, I went about trying to notice small details in and near my apartment, such as my bunny, items in her cage, and various flowers near my complex. While I consider myself a pretty attentive person, I was amazed by the sheer number of flowers around my complex and wondered how I had never seen them before and a bunch of bees who were pollinating them. As my mom and siblings are quite allergic to bees (I have yet to be stung), I tried to keep a little distance. Still, it was amazing to see all of the little details I usually take for granted, including the unique patterns of color that make up my bunny’s chestnut-colored fur.

I feel more appreciative of all the little details that are part of this stunning Earth, and I think everyone should try taking a few macro shots so they, too, can notice their surroundings a bit better.