Perspective is a double-edged sword, as it empowers us to see a beauty that others can’t, while simultaneously blinding us to the beauty that is obvious to others. This week I was tasked with finding an object in nature and finding nine different perspectives from which to capture it.

I happened to stumble across my subject (a “Private Property, No Trespassing” sign) while I was trying to find the entrance to a trail out by E 7th S in Rexburg.

Without crossing the threshold onto the private property, I tried looking at the sign for unique angles. While I was initially skeptical that I could find so nine interesting viewpoints of something so dull, but surprisingly, the more I looked, the more details I noticed. There were wilted flowers at its base, different forms of ware from exposure to the elements, the Grand Tetons off in the distance, and even a storm that was brooding in the distance.

I wonder what other interesting details I am oblivious to in my everyday life?