Email Marketing is not only alive and well, but provides one of the highest returns of investment of any marketing channel for companies, according to Campaign Monitor.

Using Amazon SES, Salt Lake Express was able to send 10,000 for $1, providing a great return on investment. Using Foundation for Email, I created a set of templates for "Your Trip Information" pre-trip emails, "Thank You for riding With Us!" post-trip emails, and segmented promotional discount emails – which I found the most enjoyable.

For Valentine's day, I created six different punny valentine's cards that were served randomly each time somebody opened the email. For St Patrick's day, I made a scratch-off game with five possible discounts that could be played once every 24 hours for another chance. Taking this time to delight users with special promotions turned out to be one of their most effective marketing efforts, as they could send 200,000 emails for $20 and make thousands in promotional redemptions.

Tools Used
Foundations for Email
Email Marketing, UI